Google Glass Project

Google Glass Project - Google is planning to to produce high-tech set of display glasses by the end of 2012. These glasses certainly are a revolutionary concept in computers, and will take the idea of the traveling with a laptop one step further. The glasses are rumored to have an outward facing camera, whose job is to record your movements and gestures. Supposedly, we now have will also allow your hand can reach out like a computer mouse and control the glasses' navigation. The best part about these glasses is the lenses are clear, that allow you to stay in touch with all of those other world, instead of the traditional tablets, that may become all-consuming. The glasses will probably be Android based, and definately will have flash and voice input capabilities.

Sources say the glasses will be priced just like a smartphone, and might cost anywhere from $150 to $600, with a few sources say better $250 for a pair. The glasses may look a little geeky in their first versions, and often will supposedly look similar to a pair of Oakley's Thumbs MPS player glasses. Even though the screens are transparent, the heads up display is only for one eye, and will supposedly not even take up the whole screen.

Yahoo is still unsure should they will find a market for this product. The glasses are believed a pet project, to find out if the world is ready for a new form of computing. The idea was thanks simply to Google's 'Google X' laboratory, where they trial experimental, "out there" ideas. Google has always allowed it's engineers to devote 20 percent of their time towards these experimental projects and also have tested out products as wacky as talking refrigerators and robot workers. There is even a rumored 'self-drive' vehicle in the works that could change the future of transportation. Google proudly admits they've invested quite a bit of money in very speculative Research and Development projects; some of which have been more successful than others.

Google Glass Project
If Google can find a market for their Google Glasses, they might potentially change everything we realize, from marketing and advertising, towards the way we do business and are employed in our personal lives. Adding a completely functioning computer to your already expanding human capacity could elevate society to a completely new level. Buyers, however, could be the ones to accept or reject fractional treatments, and it may prove to be only a first step in introducing an innovative product from Google.

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